33rd President of the United States


There was a young Jewish boy named Eddie Jacobson who lived in Kansas City where he met another young boy named Harry Truman. They quickly became close school friends and grew up together. They even served in the military together during the First World War. After the war, they decided to partner in a clothing business in Kansas City, but the business was not successful and they drifted apart. Eddie went on to be a traveling salesman in the clothing industry. His friend, Harry took a slightly different path and ended up as the Vice President and then through an Act of God, the President of the United States.

April 12, 1945 was a day that changed Truman’s life, forever. He had been leading the discussion in the Senate as the Vice President and afterward, he received a call from President Roosevelt’s assistant Steve Early asking Truman to come to the White House immediately. Truman was escorted to Mrs. Roosevelt’s room on the second floor of the White House. Truman wrote in his diary:

"Mrs. Roosevelt and Steve Early and Colonel and Mrs. Boettiger [Roosevelt’s daughter] were there – Mrs. Roosevelt put her arm around my shoulder and said, “The President is dead.” That was the first inkling I had of the seriousness of the situation. I then asked them what I could do, and she said –'What can we do for you?'... I was very much shocked. I’m not easily shocked but was certainly shocked when I was told of the president’s death and the weight of the government had fallen on my shoulders. I did not know what reaction the Country would have to the death of a man whom they all practically worshipped. I was worried about the reaction of the Armed Forces. I did not know what effect the situation would have on the war effort, price control, war production, and everything that entered into the emergency that then existed.


I knew the President had a great many meetings with Churchill and Stalin. I was not familiar with any of these things and it was really something to think about but I decided the best thing to do was to go home and get as much rest as possible and face the music."

Harry Truman was sworn in with a completely packed Oval Office at the White House at 7:09 p.m., only 2 hours and 24 minutes after Roosevelt’s death. The only Bible that was found in the middle of this hectic situation was the one in the desk drawer of Howell Crim, the White House chief usher. It was an inexpensive version of a Gideon Bible with bright red page borders. Truman fretted afterward that had he known, he would have brought his grandfather’s Bible which he kept in his office, at the White House. The next day, Truman met the press representatives in the hallways of Congress, and the first thing he said to them was: “Boys, if you ever pray, pray for me now. I don’t know if you fellows ever had a load of hay fall on you, but when they told me yesterday what had happened, I felt like the moon, the stars, and all the planets had fallen on me.”


From that moment, world history took a turn that led to the birth of the State of Israel just three years later on May 14, 1948. Harry Truman played a central role in this process as Bible prophecy was being fulfilled.

Between 1947 and 1948, Jews throughout the world needed the support of the United States in order for the State of Israel to be recognized. The State Department was 100% against it and advised the president NOT to support the creation of the State of Israel. Jews and Jewish organizations tried their best to meet with the President to no avail. Even the leader of the Zionist movement, Chaim Weizmann, the man who would later become the first President of the State of Israel, was refused a meeting. As time became critical, someone remembered that Truman had a childhood friend named Eddie Jacobson and they reached out to Eddie and asked if he could get the President to meet with Chaim Weizmann. Eddie wrote to President Truman and received a written reply basically saying that it wouldn't be proper for him to interject himself in the issue because it was already before the General Assembly of the United Nations.  In a final attempt, Eddie called Truman and said he had to come and see him. Truman’s officials tried to block the meeting, but Truman said, “This is my old friend, Eddie, from school, Eddie, from the Army, Eddie, from our shop together! How can I not see this man?” When Eddie arrived at the White House, Truman said, “Eddie, you can talk to me about anything, except Israel.” “Okay," said Eddie and he stood in the Oval Office, in front of the President and began to cry. “Eddie, why are you crying?” asked the President. Eddie pointed to a marble statue in the room and said, “Who is that, Harry?” “That’s my hero, Andrew Jackson,” Truman replied. “You really admire this man?” asked Eddie. “Yes.” “And he had an influence over you?” “Yes” said Truman. Then, said Eddie, “I have a hero. His name is Chaim Weizmann. Harry, for my sake, see this man.”


Harry looked at Eddie and he knew that he couldn’t say no to his old friend. This is how Chaim Weizmann got to see President Harry S. Truman, and that is how America voted in favor of the creation of the State of Israel. If they had not voted, Israel would not have been brought into being. Harry S. Truman made the United States the first country in the world to recognize Israel as a State when David Ben Gurion pronounced it.

Clark Clifford, who had worked as the President’s special adviser from 1946 to 1950, thought back to Truman’s motives in the Israeli dilemma during an interview with C-SPAN on July 28, 1991. He said, "There was language in Deuteronomy, in which the Bible promised the Jews. The language went something like, 'The day will come when you will be led into the land of your fathers and it shall become your own.' President Truman believed that he was going to do everything he could to help them get their homeland."

Harry S. Truman is one of the most unlikely Presidents of the United States, but his role in the birth of the State of Israel speaks volumes about the careful planning of Almighty God in carrying out His plans. God is faithful to His promises, both to individuals and nations. He keeps His Word and He watches over it to perform it.


According to the Bible, everything has its ordained time. One of the most interesting details about World War II was the fact that, at the time, the world was ruled by two strong-willed statesmen from 1933 to 1945: Adolf Hitler and Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Both of them faced premature and sudden deaths in April 1945 just weeks apart. Roosevelt died of a massive brain hemorrhage, at the age of 63 on the 12th of April, and Hitler committed suicide on April 30th at the age of 56. In the midst of those weeks, Harry S. Truman was appointed to lead the world in fulfilling God's purposes.

Would I ever bring this nation to the point of birth and then not deliver it?” asks the LORD. “No! I would never keep this nation from being born,” says your God.

- Isaiah 66:9